A word of salutation by the Editor-in-chief


  • Alexander V. Kolobov Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia


introductory article


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Physics of Complex Systems journal. Our journal, as the title suggests, interrogates the complexity of the systems placed under the scrutiny of modern physics, be it the Universe or a nanometer-sized quantum dot. The journal is designed to promote scientific advances of university scholars and provide academics, researchers and students alike with an opportunity to share their research findings with peers. The Physics of Complex Systems publishes experimental and theoretical papers in different fields of physics from metals to insulators, from nanostructures to cosmology.

I am deeply grateful to all my colleagues who kindly agreed to be members of the Editorial Board and to share the commitment to make our journal an effective platform for knowledge exchange. The extensive expertise of Russian and international Board members will ensure the highest quality of publications. The Physics of Complex Systems is a peer-reviewed open-access journal with an international team of reviewers. We are doing our best to ensure timely review of all submissions (within two weeks).

Internationalisation of modern science means that research findings need to be effectively disseminated among the world scientific community. To fulfil this mission, the Physics of Complex Systems publishes papers predominantly in English as the international language of scientific communication. Besides, the journal is available online to facilitate access to its papers around the world.

Our primary goal is to create a knowledge exchange platform for institutions of higher education, but we are equally pleased to welcome submissions from other research organisations as well as from international teams of authors. The Board especially encourages submissions from young scholars and graduate students–emerging leaders in various fields of science, technology, and management.

It is our ambition to make the Physics of Complex Systems one of the most reputable and high-profile physics journals and we thank all those–the Editorial Board members as well as our contributors and reviewers–who joined us in our efforts to achieve this goal. Our immediate priority is to ensure that the Physics of Complex Systems is indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases.

We are looking forward to receiving your manuscripts.


Sincerely yours,
Alexander Kolobov





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