Review Statement

1. Articles submitted to the editors by the authors on their own initiative are preliminarily checked for compliance with the profile of the journal and the formal requirements established in the journal.

The executive secretary of the edition makes the decision as to an article’s compliance.  If the requirements are met, the executive secretary registers the article and sends it to the editor-in-chief. In case of non-compliance of the article with the formal requirements of the journal or its profile, it is not registered.   The executive secretary reports the result of the check to the author by e-mail regardless of whether the article is registered or not.  The editor-in-chief also conducts a preliminary content examination of the article and sends it to a reviewer.

To determine the originality of the text, the Antiplagiat system is used.


2. Articles submitted to the editors undergo single-blind reviewing (the author does not know the names of the reviewers). It is guaranteed that reviewers will keep confidential any information about the manuscript submitted for review.

After reviewing the article, discussions are held at a meeting of the Editorial Board of the journal, where at least two reviews are presented by scientists who are leading experts in this field.  If both reviewers recommend rejecting the work, the author has the right to appeal this decision. In this case, the article is sent for additional review by one of the members of the Editorial Board who did not participate in the initial discussion of the article. The final decision is made at the meeting of the Editorial Board.

Direct responsibility for the timely review of articles lies with the editor-in-chief.


3. An article is considered accepted for publication if there are positive reviews and if it was supported by the majority of members of the Editorial Board working in the same field of natural sciences as the author of the article. It is also necessary to have a license agreement between the editors and the author that the article will be available in the Internet to the public.

Another condition of the publication is the presence of a positive expert opinion on the absence of secret information in the article.  All articles of natural sciences are subject to such mandatory expert examination.

The order and priority of publication of the article is determined depending on the volume of materials available in the journal for various headings in each specific issue. 


4. The executive secretary informs the author by e-mail on the acceptance/ rejection of the article for publication. If the article is accepted for publication but needs to be improved, the corresponding recommendations are sent to the author in the same letter of the executive secretary. After accepting the version of the article agreed by the parties, the executive secretary informs the author about its acceptance for publication.

After accepting the version of the article agreed by the parties, the executive secretary informs the author about its acceptance for publication.

Authors have the right to revise the article or replace it with other material.

All stages of consideration of the article by the editors are recorded in the register book, posted on the website of the journal.