Analysis of the TSD spectra of polymers near the glass transition temperature using the fractional purification method




electrets, polyethylene terephthalate, thermally stimulated depolarization currents, thermally stimulated depolarisation currents thermal sampling


In this work, the thermally stimulated spectroscopy methods are applied to PET films exposed to UV rays for the analysis of electrically active defects parameters in these materials, such as activation energy (Ea) and relaxation time, or frequency factor (ω). To obtain these parameters the methods of thermally stimulated currents and thermally stimulated currents thermal sampling were used. To determine the relaxation parameters using the methods of thermally stimulated currents, various mathematical methods of data processing were used. The Eyring equation and the compensation law were found to be the most correct for PET films. The value of the activation energy determined with their help for the PET exposed to UV rays turned out to be 1.07 eV, and the value of effective frequency factor ω = 1/τ0 = 5 × 1010 с−1.


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Condensed Matter Physics